Making Bibles and scripture study materials available in public Libraries


The law to teach Religion in public schools was put into effect in Moldova several years ago. Although the curriculum includes lessons on the Bible, schools are unable to provide children with Bibles from which to read and study. This forces students to visit public libraries in order to borrow their Bibles, even if it has to be for a lesson at a time. The Bible Society provides Bibles to libraries which have no other means of obtaining Bibles. Lonely, elderly citizens are also beneficiaries from these libraries which oftentimes act as their second home. Since they cannot afford to buy books, the elderly are often visitors of the public libraries.

This project will enable potentially more than 1,000,000 people in the country to have access to a Bible, to read and to understand the Word of God. This distribution to public libraries throughout the country will increase awareness of the Bible Society's activities in the country. It will also give us a chance to alter the atheist attitude inherent from the Soviet Union times in areas of the library system and open up new ways for the Bible Society to approach people of no faith.