Mobile Bible Bookshop


Making the Bible Accessible to Everyone Everywhere

Through the purchasing of the Bible Bus the Bible Society of Moldova will be able to serve the churches in the rural and remote areas of Moldova. We will be able to reach families and children who are not able to be reached in any other way. We can go to marketplaces, summer camps and church outreaches and not only serve the churches outside of the capital, but also work on building church relationship and strengthening ties with the Bible Society.
We are aiming each year to reach two major cities besides the capital of Moldova. The impact that the Bible Bus will be making will have an effect for years to come and it will be used for promotion of Bible Society work. Also, this project will help the Bible Society of Moldova to become self-sustainable.

Project goal:

Our main goal is to make the Bible accessible to everyone in their language everywhere. Sometimes we may take the Bible accessibility for granted. For example, our personal Bible is set in small font, laid out in columns, and printed on thin paper with a nice translation that requires a relatively high level of literacy. For us, reading the Bible is probably a simple, daily activity. But for millions of people God’s Word can be a struggle or even inaccessible. Through this project we want to use a mobile bookshop to spread the Word of God and promote the Bible Society of Moldova. We want to make ourselves available and accessible to people. We plan to make a schedule and make it known to people by collaborating with local churches and Christian organization from that region that our Bible Bus is coming to them.